The Revolution goes on!

Around 4.5 years ago we introduced a funny striped A class wing that cost as much as a High B glider. We then also communicated that this wing offers high B performance!
-many competitors laughed at us at the beginning, but now they begin to understand:

Not only have we created a new class with the SYMPHONIA and finally established the A class as the “standard class”. “Super High A” is now in fashion! Thanks to this unique wing and its children, we have also established ourselves on the market in a very short time.
-and no one is surprised any more that there are more and more funny striped wings around!
Thank you, SYMPHONIA!

Now it’s time to top it up!
-and it will be even more colourful!

Please welcome the SYMPHONIA 2!

SYMPHONIA 2 Technical Features

The SYMPHONIA 2 combines the unique properties of the SYMPHONIA with some new know how.
The leading edge is more stable, a new intake makes launching much easier.
The mini ribs and new rods in the nose improve performance.
The sail cut has been revised.
Line material and line geometry are new.
The weight has been noticeably reduced.

Summing all up, the SYMPHONIA 2 performs even better than its predecessor and is easier to use.
The center wing is more stable, which improves handling and safety!
Precision and efficiency of the handling is reaching a new level.
Glide on speed is even more outstanding.

SYMPHONIA 2 Designer’s Note

The SYMPHONIA project has always been a very special engagement for me. It was and still is the establishing of a new standard: the A class as the standard class. Everything above is unnecessary luxury. The SYMPHONIA is a high performance wing with A class safety. You hardly need more. The SYMPHONIA 2 rises the margin to an even higher performance / safety level.
This is paragliding as it was meant to be: a high level of performance and a very high safety: being able to be used, controlled and enjoyed by everyone.

Hannes Papesh


Mike Küng tests the SYMPHONIA 2-23.
Although Mike tested very hard as usual, the wing was new and still very stiff and the temperatures were low (neither ideal), the result was extremely good.
The SYMPHONIA 2 sets new standards in terms of safety / performance!

SYMPHONIA 2 Technical Data

size 18 20 22 23 24 26
number of cells 50 50 50 50 50 50
projected span m 8,18 8,59 8,99 9,19 9,4 9,76
projected area 18,24 20,08 22,02 23.04 24,05 25,93
projected aspect ratio 3,67 3,67 3,67 3,67 3,67 3,67
flat span m 10,52 11,04 11,56 11,81 12,08 12,54
flat area 21,54 23,72 26 27,17 28,4 30,62
flat aspect ratio 5,14 5,14 5,14 5,14 5,14 5,14
line length m 6,27 6,58 6,89 7,04 7,2 7,48
total line length m 218,3 229,1 239,9 250,7 250,7 260,3
maximum chord m 2,55 2,67 2,8 2,93 2,93 3,04
minimum chord m 0,6 0,63 0,66 0,69 0,69 0,72
weight kg 3.8 3.95 4.15 4.3 4.4 4.65
certified weight range kg 55-75 65-85 75-95 83-103 90-110 105-130
certification (EN/LTF) A A A A A A
ext. weight range motor kg 55-130 65-130 75-170 90-170 90-170 105-170
certification DGAC i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A. i.A.
material Porcher 32, Porcher 38
risers R01 (3+1)
riser length mm 500 500 540 540 540 540
speedway mm 150 150 150 175 175 175

SYMPHONIA 2 risers

The SYMPHONIA 2 is delivered with the comfort riser R01.
You are free to customize and choose another riser free of charge.
When you want to go for extra light, you may choose the super light RZ1: this is reducing the weight on the tech date list by 285g!

SYMPHONIA 2 Weight Ranges


SYMPHONIA 2 guarantee

Like all other PHI wings, the SYMPHONIA 2 is covered by the PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE.
Every damage is repaired in the first year of usage.


Glider, Harmonica concertina packing bag, repair material

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