TENOR 2 light

Here comes the TENOR 2 light! Same as the normal version, the light version lost weight compared to it’s already ultralight predecessor (even being slightly larger). The TENOR 2 light has around 200g less weight (depending on size). Again the whole wing is made of Skytex 27 double coated. The TENOR light was one of…


TENOR 2 is on the way! We are already in the certification procedure. Here the colors and the tech data. The TENOR 2 is a little larger than the first generation. In contrast to the first one, there are more differences between the sisters SYMPHONIA 2 and TENOR 2. The TENOR 2 has different line…


Despite the miniribs in the nose, the VIOLA 2 is even lighter than the first version! -and much more balanced! Better launch, better roll damping, better handling: but what am I telling you! – try it yourself! The sizes 18-26 are certified by DHV: production is starting.


The SOLA GT is a SOLA made of a more robust cloth for tough training hill use and much more… Certification is done: the first wings are delivered! Give it a try! Flying can be soo simple and easy!