Be prepared to a new era in High B Class!
With 76 cells, additonal miniribs and some new technologies, the MAESTRO 2 shows an unprecedented shape and surface.
We can present you the greatest leap in performance that we have ever achieved from one generation to the next.

We love the very late stall point and long brake travel. The level of safety is even better than that of the MAESTRO 1!

Most of the certification tests are done.
We crossed the finish line just in time!
The production is starting now.
The other sizes will follow in the next days, weeks.
Thanks to Benni, Mike, Idris and Pascal for their great testing and trimming work.
Thanks to Chris and Hilde for the fast and precise sewing work!
Thanks to our fabulous factory Aerodynamics for their engagement to supply us plenty of protos in short time!
High B has always been my passion and special discipline.
I managed to build many reference wings in that class:

-then, after an involuntary break, the spectacular comeback with the MAESTRO.
-and now, continuing this unique tradition, the MAESTRO 2.

The new benchmark!
It is not only the high complexity of this wing with it’s 76 cells and additional miniribs, offering an extreme smooth finish.
It’s not only its breathtaking performance in thermaling, gliding and speed.
It’s the balance. The handling and the feeling of being one with this outstanding wing!