The Racer

The SCALA 2 is the more heavy and robust version of the SCALA 2 light, which has been developed for hike and fly races like the Redbull X-alps. These are super long distance endurance competitions. The athletes need a wing that is not only superbly performing, but also is very easy in every matter. They need to trust the wing’s stability and safety when they are tired and not that concentrated.

The SCALA 2 is the evolution of the first version of the SCALA. We tuned on many screws to make it even better in performance, easyness and simplicity. The SCALA 2 is a high level EN C class wing!
With it’s high aspect ratio and performance the SCALA 2 stands out of the C class. It is a kind of game changer.

But even having that very elegant high aspect ratio, this wing is really easy in every matter! The outstanding feature is the extreme stable airfoil. As more turbulent it gets as more advantage you have with the SCALA 2!

As the “heavy version” of the SCALA 2 light, the SCALA 2 did not have min weight as a main priority, so it has heavier material and and more and longer rods all over the topsail.

SCALA 2 Technical Features

The SCALA 2 light is an evolution of the SCALA light.

We improved the rigging system, allowing bigears, a higher load for bigger sizes and a better form stability.
The balooning has been optimized further on, as well we spend a lot of work in optimization of rod length, shape and number.
The SCALA 2 uses the superlight D10 cloth in bottomsail: so we gained a little weight reserve for more rods in topsail.

The airfoil and intakes have been slightly adapted to improve performance and handling.
-as well as the new riser and line attachments system is offering more control at max speed.

The SCALA 2 is made “on top” of the SCALA 2 light: more heavy and rigid cloth, longer and more rods: for even more performance.

SCALA 2 Designer’s Note

We were very pleased with the high safety level of the SCALA 2 light. But we were even more pleased, that the “heavy version” of it: the SCALA 2 is still that safe and easy in extreme flying manoeuvres!
The new MJ 32 cloth is smooth, providing a really clean surface.

Hannes Papesh

SCALA 2 Technical Data

size 18 19 20 21 23
number of cells 78 78 78 78 78
projected span m 9,48 9,8 10,12 10,44 10,73
projected area 17,71 18,95 20,2 21,48 22,73
projected aspect ratio 5,07 5,07 5,07 5,07 5,07
flat span m 11,8 12,20 12,6 13 13,37
flat area 20,56 22 23,45 24,93 26,39
flat aspect ratio 6,77 6,77 6,77 6,77 6,77
line length m 6,95 7,19 7,43 7,66 7,88
maximum chord m 2,28 2,36 2,44 2,52 2,59
minimum chord m 0,11 0,11 0,116 0,12 0,12
weight kg 4,59 4,76 4,9 5,05 5,2
standard weight range kg 65-85 75-95 85-105 95-115 110-125
extended weight range kg 95-100 105-110 115-120 125-130
certified weight range kg 65-85 75-100 85-110 95-120 110-130
certification (EN) C C C C C
material MJ 32, Skytex 40
risers R12
riser length mm 540 540 540 540 540
speedway mm 180 180 180 180 180
price * 5190 5190 5190 5190 5190

SCALA 2 risers

The SCALA 2 is delivered with the performance riser R12.
It has a differentiation for better control the wingtip at max speed.
It is furnished with pulleys and handles with magnet

SCALA 2 Weight Ranges

SCALA 2 Colors


How should the SCALA 2 be packed?

The rods of the SCALA 2 l are not sensitive against bending, but they are longer that those of the SCALA 2 light. Please pack the wing with more care.

What is the service interval of the SCALA 2? Is a trim tuning needed?

The service interval is as usual 2 years from the first flight. Please fill in your first flight in the type table. On the base of our experience with the lines material mix, there is no trim tuning necessary: the trim does normally not change significantly.

What is the extended weight range?

As the SCALA 2 has a very wide safety margin, we decided to offer an extended weight range. This is offering the possibility to fly the SCALA 2 with more wing loading, still being in the certification range. A pilot may use this option on days with strong thermals with extra ballast, for strong wind soaring or when he generally loves to fly a high loaded wing for more speed, more dynamic energy and more fun.
For normal thermal flying it is recommended to stay inside the standard weight range.

SCALA 2 above the clouds

Benni having fun with the SCALA 2 and paramotor.


Glider, Harmonica concertina packing bag, repair material

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