Feel the BEAT of your heart! Here is the heartbreaker wing: you will love it! The BEAT (mid B) is the synthesis of several current concepts from our range. So he combines some of his brothers’ strengths. Robust, sheathed lines, very high level of form stability: perfect precise feeling, top level performance. The BEAT is…

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The ALLEGRO (EN C) is here! First wings are delivered and generated great feedback. Check out the new ALLEGRO page for more info. Grab the wing and try yourself to understand.

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TENOR light

The TENOR light is here! Just in time to the hike&fly season PHI as well presents the light version of the mid B wing TENOR. Eagerly awaited by many pilots: now the TENOR light arrived and is ready to be delivered! See TENOR ligh page for more details! UPDATE! The TENOR light got an absolute…

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The VIOLA is here! Right for the hike and fly season PHI is presenting a full range of super light, safe and superb performing wings. See VIOLA page for more details! UPDATE: specially during the corona crisis many pilots came to hike and fly, So the VIOLA got our best selling wing!

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The TENOR is entering the stage. The audience in excited, impatient and full of high expectations! PHI is rising up to B class! You will find more info on the TENOR page.

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We’re proud to present our new baby. The SYMPHONIA got her small sister: The SONATA is the new baseline. An extremely safe wing that still offers fun and performance in flight.

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Our new baby is born: it’s a girl! SYMPHONIA Thanks to Mike and Benni, our test pilots! Thanks for you’re extreme professional work, your engagement, your sensitive input, your inspiring trust in our very ambicious goal! Thanks to all of our team and the factory to make it possible. Finally we reached our goal! We’re…

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