SCALA 2 light

The first SCALA 2 light just arrived! Size 18 and 19 are certified EN C. 4 of them are for our X-alps athletes: Kinga Masztalerz and Ondrej Prochazka. Not only the certification (SCALA 1 was EN D) is different. We improved and optimized a lot of parameters: -airfoil and suspensions are different. -sail tension (ballooning)…

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TENOR 2 light

Here comes the TENOR 2 light! Same as the normal version, the light version lost weight compared to it’s already ultralight predecessor (even being slightly larger). The TENOR 2 light has around 200g less weight (depending on size). Again the whole wing is made of Skytex 27 double coated. The TENOR light was one of…

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The TENOR 2 is here! The TENOR 2 is a little larger than the first generation. In contrast to the first one, there are more differences between the sisters SYMPHONIA 2 and TENOR 2. The TENOR 2 has different line layout with less top lines (more diagonals), resulting in a little bit better performance. Even…

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The VIOLA 2 is here! Despite the miniribs in the nose, the VIOLA 2 is even lighter than the first version! -and much more balanced! Better launch, better roll damping, better handling: but what am I telling you! – try it yourself!

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The SOLA GT is a SOLA made of a more robust cloth for tough training hill use and much more… Certification is done: the first wings are delivered! Give it a try! Flying can be soo simple and easy!

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Be prepared to a new era in High B Class! With 76 cells, additonal miniribs and some new technologies, the MAESTRO 2 shows an unprecedented shape and surface. We can present you the greatest leap in performance that we have ever achieved from one generation to the next.

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We are learning more and more. We are learning with every prototype wing we build and analyse. We are learning about performance wings and safety on the bottom of the range. More and more we are able to combine performance and safety: here is the SONATA 2!

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Around 4.5 years ago we introduced a funny striped A class wing that cost as much as a High B glider. We then also communicated that this wing offers high B performance! -many competitors laughed at us! -all of them have lost their laughter by now… 🙂 Not only have we created a new class…

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Please welcome the SOLA! Our new superlight and supereasy low A wing! -a glider that many have been waiting for: maximum safety, damping and simplicity paired with minimum weight.

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SCALA light

THE RADICAL RACING MACHINE! Over 3 years ago we began with the A class wing SYMPHONIA. Then we stepped up class by class and finished 68 wings until now! Now we are reaching the D class… Here is our first EN D wing: the SCALA light.

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Et voici la nouvelle aile EN C ultra-légère : l’ALLEGRO light ! Sur la base de notre exceptionnelle technologie d’allègement, l’ALLEGRO light offre de fantastiques performances et de la vitesse pour un faible poids. Comme pour chacune de nos ailes, vous pouvez choisir plusieurs sortes élévateurs. Les nouveaux élévateurs R07, désormais certifiés, ont reçu des…

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Laisse la BEAT battre la mesure de ton cœur ! Voici l’aile qui emballera ton cœur : tu en seras amoureux ! La BEAT (cœur de B) est la synthèse des multiples concepts actuels de notre gamme. Elle unifie toutes les forces de sa fratrie. Résistante, suspentes gainées, très fort niveau de stabilité de forme…

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L’ALLEGRO (EN C) est arrivé! Les premières ailes ont été livrées. Les premiers retours ont été accablants. Si vous recherchez plus d’informations: consultez la page ALLEGRO. Si vous voulez comprendre l’enthousiasme: procurez-vous un ALLEGRO et essayez-le vous-même!

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TENOR light

Et voici la TENOR Light ! Juste à temps pour la saison de vol-rando, PHI présente aussi la version légère de sa nouvelle B TENOR. Attendue avec impatience par de nombreux pilotes : la TENOR Light est dès maintenant disponible et prête à être livrée ! Retrouve plus de détails sur la page de la…

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Et voila la Viola ! Juste à temps pour la saison des Marche et Vol, PHI vous présente une gamme complète d’ailes super-légères, super-sécures et aux superbes performances.

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The TENOR is entering the stage. The audience in excited, impatient and full of high expectations! PHI is rising up to B class! You will find more info on the TENOR page.

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We’re proud to present our new baby. The SYMPHONIA got her small sister: The SONATA is the new baseline. An extremely safe wing that still offers fun and performance in flight.

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PHI on Instagram

Evening flight with brand new VIOLA 2.

Very elegant swedish iron lady sitting on a wooden table near Bassano del Grappa. ...

MAESTRO 2 light ...

SCALA 23, Roquebrune ...

The SOLA is arriving! ...


PHI FANTASIA over Monaco ...


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