Fasten your seat belts!

As the name suggests, this wing is agile and dynamic, but one thing above all: damn fast!
The test pilots were always impressed by how quickly the Allegro picks up the pace.

Flying the ALLEGRO is a hot blooded experience!

ALLEGRO Designer’s Note

The ALLEGRO is designed with an aspect ratio of 6 and pilot demands in the low level of the C category. This follows our strategy of taking small steps between each wing model in our range.

I’ll save you the usual marketing spiel. You know what kind of performance level to expect from us in the C class!

Hannes Papesh

ALLEGRO Technical Features

The finished ALLEGRO is the result of an intensive optimisation process. Technical features were proven and adjusted to reach our goal: a wing that’s nice and easy to fly with dynamic handling yet also a pureblooded racing machine.

In this way the ALLEGRO has two facets: like a family car which transforms into a formula one beast when you step on the gas pedal.

The technical effort to reach this goal was high: 72 cells, with additional mini ribs in the leading- and trailing edge, double zigzag 3D shaping on top and single on the bottom. Plenty of straps inside the wing to offer the best possible load distribution and form stability. Finally, a well balanced mix of the newest line materials to minimize drag and avoid trim deviation.

ALLEGRO Technical Data

name M ML L XL
size 20 21 22 24
number of cells 72 72 72 72
projected span m 9,56 9,69 10,03 10,37
projected area 20,52 21,56 22,57 24,43
projected aspect ratio 4,46 4,46 4,46 4,46
flat span m 12 12,29 12,58 13,14
flat area 23,85 25,02 26,23 28,62
flat aspect ratio 6,03 6,03 6,03 6,03
line length m 7,12 7,3 7,47 7,8
total line length m 249,4 256,9 262,9 273,2
maximum chord m 2,48 2,54 2,6 2,72
minimum chord m 0,55 0,56 0,58 0,6
weight kg 4,6 4,75 4,9 5,2
certified weight range kg 75-95 83-103 90-110 105-130
certification (EN/LTF) C C C C
material Porcher Skytex 32
risers R06 (3+1)
riser length mm 540 540 540 540
speedway mm 170 180 180 200
price * 4570 4570 4570 4570
*recommended retail price incl. 20% vat

ALLEGRO Weight Ranges


ALLEGRO Impressions

Final tests of the ALLEGRO 20 over the Lago die Garda in evening light.

Scope of Delivery

Glider, compression belt, innerbag, backpack.
The PHI rucksack is designed to be reduced and light, but still robust and convenient to carry.
It can be packed very small, to minimize storage space in the harness.

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