Be prepared to a new era in High B Class! With 76 cells, additonal miniribs and some new technologies, the MAESTRO 2 shows an unprecedented shape and surface. We can present you the greatest leap in performance that we have ever achieved from one generation to the next.


We are learning more and more. We are learning with every prototype wing we build and analyse. We are learning about performance wings and safety on the bottom of the range. More and more we are able to combine performance and safety: here is the SONATA 2!


Around 4.5 years ago we introduced a funny striped A class wing that cost as much as a High B glider. We then also communicated that this wing offers high B performance! -many competitors laughed at us! -all of them have lost their laughter by now… 🙂 Not only have we created a new class…


Please welcome the SOLA! Our new superlight and supereasy low A wing! -a glider that many have been waiting for: maximum safety, damping and simplicity paired with minimum weight.

SCALA light

THE RADICAL RACING MACHINE! Over 3 years ago we began with the A class wing SYMPHONIA. Then we stepped up class by class and finished 68 wings until now! Now we are reaching the D class… Here is our first EN D wing: the SCALA light.


Here it is: our new super-light EN C wing ALLEGRO light! Based on our outstanding light weight technology, the ALLEGRO light is offering great performance and speed at low weight. As with each one of our wings, you can choose from several different risers according to your liking. The newly certified R07 riser is already…


Feel the BEAT of your heart! Here is the heartbreaker wing: you will love it! The BEAT (mid B) is the synthesis of several current concepts from our range. So he combines some of his brothers’ strengths. Robust, sheathed lines, very high level of form stability: perfect precise feeling, top level performance. The BEAT is…