SCALA 2 is hitting the market! Size 18, 19, 20, 21 and 23 are certified EN C. More and more pilots use the chance to fly the SCALA 2 and give feedback: “WOW! What a racing machine!” Please try it yourself!

SCALA 2 light

The first SCALA 2 light have arrived! Sizes 18 and 19 have successfully passed the certification tests with an EN C classification. It’s not just the certification (SCALA 1 was EN D) that is different. We have improved and optimized many parameters: -wing airfoil and suspensions are different. -sail tension (ballooning) is new. -the entire…

TENOR 2 light

Here comes the TENOR 2 light! Same as the normal version, the light version lost weight compared to it’s already ultralight predecessor (even being slightly larger). The TENOR 2 light has around 200g less weight (depending on size). Again the whole wing is made of Skytex 27 double coated. The TENOR light was one of…


The TENOR 2 is here! The TENOR 2 is a little larger than the first generation. In contrast to the first one, there are more differences between the sisters SYMPHONIA 2 and TENOR 2. The TENOR 2 has different line layout with less top lines (more diagonals), resulting in a little bit better performance. Even…


The VIOLA 2 is here! Despite the miniribs in the nose, the VIOLA 2 is even lighter than the first version! -and much more balanced! Better launch, better roll damping, better handling: but what am I telling you! – try it yourself!


Be prepared to a new era in High B Class! With 76 cells, additonal miniribs and some new technologies, the MAESTRO 2 shows an unprecedented shape and surface. We can present you the greatest leap in performance that we have ever achieved from one generation to the next.


We are learning more and more. We are learning with every prototype wing we build and analyse. We are learning about performance wings and safety on the bottom of the range. More and more we are able to combine performance and safety: here is the SONATA 2!