The radical racing machine!

Over 3 years ago we began with the A class wing SYMPHONIA.
Then we stepped up class by class and finished 68 wings until now!
Now we are reaching the D class…
Here is our first EN D wing: the SCALA light.

It is a radical 2×2 liner. Nothing else than a radical and very efficient design has always been expected of us.

SCALA light Designer’s Note

We are step by step climbing up the glider classes.
Performance is more and more the main goal.
Performance was and is our main domain.
The SCALA is built to race!
-and she is already winning…

Hannes Papesh

SCALA light Technical Features

The SCALA light was designed for the RedBull X-alps competition. An extremely long and demanding endurance race.
The pilots are on their limits and need a wing, that is extremely reliable.
Because of it’s special airfoil, the SCALA light is extraordinary stable and very relaxed to fly. You can race through all turbulence without the need to control and react all the time. The wing is doing the job for you.
The SCALA light is very light, but it still has a very high form stability and rigidity. This and the radical reduced line drag are the base of it’s extraordinary performance level. As rougher it gets, as more advantage she has.

SCALA light Technical Data

SCALA light
size 18 19
number of cells 78 78
projected span m 9,48 9,8
projected area 17,71 18,95
projected aspect ratio 5,07 5,07
flat span m 11,8 12,20
flat area 20,56 22
flat aspect ratio 6,77 6,77
line length m 6,95 7,19
total line length m 187 193
maximum chord m 2,28 2,36
minimum chord m 0,11 0,11
weight kg 3,35 3,45
certified weight range kg 65-85 75-100
certification (EN/LTF) D D
material Porcher Skytex 27 double coated
risers R09
riser length mm 540 540
speedway mm 165 180
price * 5590 5590

SCALA light impressions

Mike and Norbi took our Scala light for a flight around the beautiful scenery of Bassano del Grappa.

SCALA light Colors

SCALA light guarantee

Like all other PHI wings, the SCALA light is covered by the PHI PROMISE GUARANTEE.
Every damage is repaired in the first year of usage.


Glider, Harmonica concertina packing bag, repair material

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