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Flybubble paraglider review: PHI SYMPHONIA

Greg fliegt die SYMPHONIA und berichtet von seinen ersten Eindrücken: Winter in Südengland.

Flybubble paraglider review: PHI SYMPHONIA part 2

Carlo und Nancy berichten über ihre Erfahrungen mit der PHI SYMPHONIA.

Intothesky: The flying manual of the PHI SYMPHONIA by Pascal Purin.

The PHI SYMPHONIA has found it´s way into our flying manual portfolio!
Enjoy 27min of pure SYMPHONIA pleasure.

CX in Australia by Rolf Schatzmann

Pretty horrible air, especially down low. I had a couple of frontals near the hill and a few 60% collapses. The glider is absolutely rock solid. It recovers instantly from a collapse. It stays above your head almost by itself. Glide and speed seems on par with a Mentor. Super easy to launch and land. A mate was flying my Hang Glider, watch for him in many shots.


Mike Küng thermalling PHI SYMPHONIA in front of Mt. Fuji.

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